4 Simple Steps to Drive Channel Sales with Rules-Based Lead Distribution

Among channel partner requirements, the demand for Sales Qualified Leads is perhaps the most pressing. To succeed, channel partners need leads, complete with prospecting details, reliably delivered to the right people at the right stage in the sales process with clearly defined reporting mechanisms enabled. Automated rules-based lead distribution can help suppliers and their channel partners provide this essential lead information and reporting, thereby establishing a more collaborative and successful sales process. Discover the four simple steps to driving channel sales with rules-based lead distribution in this informative eBook.


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Passing leads to channel partners without a proper infrastructure can diminish the value of the leads and undermine channel partner success. To get the best returns on distributing leads, lead activity must be automated and tracked – and leads not going to close immediately should be put into a nurturing process.

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  • Automate lead delivery to help channel partners increase conversions, visibility and engagement
  • Improve the type and quality of lead data passed to partners
  • Automate reporting to track ROI on marketing activities and opportunities
  • Leverage best practices to establish a more collaborative and successful sales process

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