5 Critical Steps to Extend Social Media Through Channel Partners

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Today's buyers do much of their research and decision-making before they ever speak to a sales person. To capture their attention and business, you must use a variety of marketing tactics - and social media is now a vital component of an integrated approach. However, it requires time and effort to consistently develop share quality content across various outlets, which is difficult for most channel partners.

View this webcast to learn how you can use Social Media Syndication to:

  • Help partners lower the time and costs associated with social media with very little effort
  • Automatically deliver the relevant content channel partners need to succeed
  • Create a powerful, consistent presence and lead the online conversation with your customers
  • Build awareness and nurture profitable relationships across the sales cycle
  • Deliver more qualified leads and increase sales volumes
  • Easily measure social media success

Our subject matter experts, Chantel Broten, VP/Chief Strategy Officer at Jan Kelley Marketing and Ken Romley, former CEO at Zift Solutions, detail exactly how you can extend your reach with Social Media Syndication and you'll see just how well it worked for a VMware partner.