The 5 Key Ingredients of a Positive and Profitable Partner Experience

In this eBook from Zift and Oracle, we’re digging into The 5 Key Ingredients of a Positive & Profitable Partner Experience to help you create and sustain a program that drives partner engagement and profits for both sides of the channel.


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Serve Up the 5 Key Ingredients of Partner Success

What are you serving to your channel partners? It may be time to take stock of the tools, support and experience you’re providing to your partners. Unfortunately, few channel organizations actually know how to create or sustain a strong partner experience. But without it, partner engagement plummets, customer satisfaction suffers and sales lag. With so many channel programs to choose from, and partner experience now a key decision-driver, it’s more important than ever to examine and improve upon the overall experience you’re providing to channel partners.

Download this eBook from Zift and Oracle to learn:

  • The 5 key ingredients of a positive and profitable partner experience
  • What should be baked into an ideal Channel Marketing and Management (CMM) platform
  • The primary reasons partners don’t engage with suppliers
  • How to capture partner mindshare and overcome threats to partner engagement
  • Steps you can take to develop and foster a holistic and mutually rewarding channel partner program