Embracing the New Era of End-to-End Channel Automation

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How Top Channel Teams Are Gaining Competitive Advantage by Leveraging The Full Potential of Cloud Systems

Leading B2B organizations are now using cloud-based marketing, content management, incentives, and other mission critical systems in an attempt to solve channel sales and marketing challenges. But too many of these point solutions fail to engage partners and live up to ROI pledges.

If your organization is embracing the cloud, it’s essential to see what a truly complete global channel automation solution can be.

In this joint webinar with CCI, you’ll learn to how to avoid common PRM and portal pitfalls and see how top channel vendors are able to:

  • Capture the full-potential of integrated “born-in-the-cloud” solutions that are designed specifically for large, global channels
  • Connect partner financial incentives with partner led demand generation to close the loop on channel revenue attribution and dramatically improve engagement
  • Increase measurement and accountability of internal and partner stakeholders
  • Reduce operational complexity and time to revenue while increasing sales