How Rules-Based Lead Distribution Increases Partner Sales

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An outdated manual lead distribution process can seriously undermine channel sales. To supercharge productivity and improve channel partner results, you must be able to:

  • Deliver qualified leads to your partners quickly
  • Provide rich data and prospecting details to partners
  • Easily see and track the progress of distributed leads across the entire sales cycle

This webinar shows you how rules based lead distribution delivers all of the essential elements of effective lead distribution to boost channel sales success. We’ll also share real world results, including how a multi-billion dollar manufacturer leveraged enhanced visibility and deeper prospecting data to empower its distributors and close 19% more deals in just three months.

View this webinar today and learn how rules based lead distribution can help you:

  • Establish a collaborative selling process with partners, distributors and resellers
  • Streamline lead distribution and ensure leads get to the right people faster
  • Enhance lead data with valuable profile and historical data to help close deals
  • Gain visibility into what happens to leads and ensure they don’t fall into a black hole
  • Improve lead distribution efforts to drive more channel sales