How to Avoid the Empty Promises of Partner Portals

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Zift Solutions has seen the challenges channel vendors and partners face first-hand. We’re tired of the empty promises of PRM and other Portals – and bet you are, too. It’s time to stop investing in systems and portals that fail to engage partners or deliver results. Instead, you can drive channel marketing success by delivering leads, content and collaborative capabilities directly into the systems partners use every day with Zift Solutions.

In this webinar, subject matter expert Scott England, VP of Alliances and Strategic Relationships at Zift Solutions, examines why PRM and partner portal systems are failing and how you can:

  • Put an end to the costs and failed promises of partner communities and portals
  • Inject leads, powerful content and strategic insight directly into partner systems
  • Automate lead delivery and nurture leads through to sales with Through Partner Marketing Automation (TPMA)
  • Extend the value of your CRM and Marketing Automation systems
  • Improve visibility and control with closed-loop analytics