Lead Distribution Management: How to Avoid the Channel Sales Black Hole

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An examination of today’s channel sales landscape reveals that traditional manual lead distribution processes are setting channel sales teams up for disaster. Leads passed to channel partners seem to disappear into a black hole, are never followed up on, and opportunities vanish into the abyss. Visibility on both sides of the channel is lacking and a growing lead development gap is expanding between suppliers and their channel partners.

Watch this on-demand webinar hosted by Zift Solutions CEO, Ken Romley and featuring Tim Harmon, Principal Analyst of Forrester Research, Inc., to learn how lead distribution management can help you:

  • Rescue sales opportunities by delivering qualified leads to channel partners within their established Marketing Automation, CRM and SFA systems
  • Speed and strengthen lead follow-up and nurturing by accompanying leads with rich data and prospecting details
  • Enable visibility and tracking across the lifetime of a lead to ensure leads don’t fall into the dreaded black hole
  • Establish a more collaborative selling process with partners, distributors and resellers

Leading marketing automation expert and practiced sales enablement professional, Mr. Harmon will examine:

    • The expanding business value and opportunities of lead distribution management
    • Key technology requirements for successful lead distribution management
    • Best practices for incorporating lead distribution management into an integrated partner marketing mix that includes Through Partner Marketing
    • Automation, Content Syndication and Social Media Syndication
    • The future of lead distribution within the channel sales landscape

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