Reinventing Channel Marketing

In “Reinventing Channel Marketing,” Zift answers the tough questions about what partners want and need from a channel program, and provides a roadmap to navigate the channel like a pro.


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Chart Out a New Path to Success

Most people can agree: the channel marketing landscape has changed substantially in the past few years. With standards shifting constantly, you may be asking: what is the new normal? What do partners want and need from my channel program? This eBook provides a roadmap to how the channel marketing journey looks today, so you can navigate the channel like a pro.

Here’s a taste of what’s inside:

  • How giving partners access to collateral that focuses more on solutions than the product itself will make partners and end users happier.
  • What vendors can do to attract and maintain more partners, including developing content for all types of partners and not just the top-tier.
  • How to make your program stand out so partners will be engaged and actively promote your content.