SiriusDecisions' Channel Marketing: Planning Assumptions 2020 Research Brief

Planning for next year is no doubt at the top of your to-do list. With the information found in SiriusDecisions' 2020 Channel Marketing Planning Assumptions research brief, you'll be able to check off "channel marketing planning" with confidence.

SiriusDecisions Research Brief - Building Discipline into Channel Demand Creation

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Why read this report?

Explore the key planning assumptions channel marketing leaders need most to thrive in 2020 with SiriusDecisions’ new research brief. Take in the insights on managing a data-driven channel marketing system and turn them into powerful action in your marketing strategies for the coming year. Learn how to:

  • Foster the growth of partner ecosystems
  • Turn data assets to insights
  • Invest in new partner types and business models
  • Define and track the partner’s journey for enhanced productivity