Unlocking The 6 Secrets Of High Performance Channel Marketing

Channel marketing has never seemed more complex. Many channel programs are stuck, unable to breakthrough performance benchmarks and overly focused on one-dimensional outbound marketing. In this eBook, we’re unlocking the 6 secrets of high performance channel marketing and providing real-world examples of how industry-leading channel programs are capturing more revenue, closing the loop with partners to increase visibility and achieving unmatched results.


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Regain the right focus and momentum to shatter industry benchmarks

While the current channel marketing and sales landscape requires more focus and strategic action to capture the attention and business of self-empowered buyers, too many channel programs are stuck and expending energy in the wrong directions.

This eBook unlocks the 6 key secrets of high-performance channel marketing and examines how industry-leading channel programs are shattering performance benchmarks by:

  • Targeting partners based on capabilities and commitment
  • Taking a multi-tactic marketing approach
  • Re-examining their customer base for existing opportunities
  • Utilizing analytics to measure success
  • Closing the loop with partners to increase visibility and capture more revenue

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