Unveiling 5 Hidden Secrets of High-Performance Channel Marketing

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Still wondering why your channel marketing program isn’t achieving the results you desire? Ready to kick off 2015 with a new approach that powers performance and shatters industry norms?

Watch this on-demand webinar today and learn how to optimize program effectiveness, capture more sales qualified leads and improve the partner experience from real-world case studies and examples across the top, middle and bottom of the waterfall.

Laz Gonzalez, Service Director for SiriusDecisions, will share break-through findings on the current trends, traditional program benchmarks and critical challenges facing channel marketers in 2015, including:

  • How to attain improved visibility and reporting to better understand channel marketing’s contribution to pipeline and revenue
  • A description of the role channel marketing and management tools play in supporting lead intelligence, management and follow up
  • Insights into which tactics drive the highest conversion rates in the demand waterfall and how service-level agreements can be employed to track these between suppliers and partners

Ken Romley, former CEO and President of Zift Solutions, will demonstrate exactly how suppliers and partners across a wide range of industries are achieving higher program results, including:

  • How an HP Partner captured a 48 to 1 ROI and delivered more than $325K in sales pipeline using a holistic, integrated channel marketing approach
  • How a Sage Software partner was able to cut their marketing spend by 25% while increasing the touches with their customers and prospects by 400%

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