Automation Fusion: Blending Platforms to Drive Direct & Indirect Channel Revenue

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Are your marketing and sales automation platforms operating in a void? Are they coming together to truly help your channel partners (dealers/distributors) sell more every single day? Too often, our automation platforms are underutilized because we deploy them and just hope they will be used.

Watch this on-demand webinar brought to you by Zift Solutions and Oracle Marketing Cloud (OMC), to understand how to dovetail the power of all of your platforms and use them to help your channel partners (dealers/distributors) succeed.

In this webinar, moderated by Laz Gonzalez, Chief Strategy Officer at Zift Solutions, the all-start panel will discuss:

  • Why partners often fail to use the marketing services you offer and what consumer marketing can teach us.
  • The reason partners will concentrate on the vendor that gives them the most marketing support.
  • How Concierge Services will encourage your partners to start actively using all of your sales and marketing tools.
  • The specific steps you can use today to help your partners market better and drive more revenue.

And so much more. Access this webinar today!